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Accelerated Enterprise Architecture

“Every Enterprise is Unique” - this is the Amzu approach. We recognise the fact that every enterprise requires unique strategies and solutions based on. We work with the concept of "Agility with Precision". Some of the factors we have had taken into account to provide strategy and solution to our customers are given below:

  • Business Architecture
  • Business Vision
  • Business Goal
  • People and Culture
  • Financial Impact
  • Security requirements
  • Suppliers and Vendors

The list is not limited to the above as we understand that each organisation has its own criteria.
The following are some of the primary Enterprise Architecture and Strategy services we provide to our customers.

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Mobility Strategy
  • Big Data Strategy
  • Data Center Strategy

Strategy can be created by anyone, but Amzu knows how to get support for the strategy, execute and Align them with Business using full Agility.