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Cloud Strategy

Cloud Computing could be the best solution if we want visible ’Quick Wins’. But it may not be a silver bullet solution for all IT problems.A strategy to include Cloud at the enterprise level requires proper investigation and execution. Our EA service provides a proven and agile method of creating a Cloud Strategy that will be tailor made to suite your Enterprise. We understand that strategies create only documents which are never read. So we will provide full support in the execution of strategy. Our specialty is not only in visualising and creating strategy by working with the business but also in executing them.

Our Experience:

  • A Big Law Enforcement Agency, London - Amzu created Strategy to include Cloud as the Capability within the organisation. We got involved in creating strategy and capability using Public, Private and Government Cloud Services. We also involved in identifying and mitigating security issues with various cloud propositions.
  • A Software Sloution Provider, Milton Keynes - Amzu's resources got involved in vendor selection and initiate the capability for using PaaS for development and testing in a multi location development team.