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Mobility Strategy

Mobility is considered as a enabler of carrying information in portable devices. Amzu has consultants who has vast experience in providing Mobile Computing Strategy and implement them in your Enterprise. We recognise the following solutions of Mobility:

  • External or Public Facing
  • Enterprise Facing
  • Executive Mobility

Mobility is a enabler and Amzu’s consultants has experience in providing strategic solution to save cost and time. We work closely with your business to identify information architecture and security architecture to give a secure strategic solution in Mobility.

Our Experience:

  • A Big Law Enforcement Agency, London - Amzu created Strategy and Initiated the capability with Mobile applications for reducing millions of pounds of cost that was incurred due to manual and semi automated processes.
  • A Software Solution Provider, Milton Keynes - Amzu's resources got involved in proving the power of mobile based application for one of the customers who wanted to take the intranet based application to mobile and reduced cost of replication of data and paper work.